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Cypress Rug Cleaning - Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

Area rugs add invaluable beauty and a sense of comfort to a room. Area rugs bear the brunt of heavy foot traffic. The heavy foot traffic wears out the rugs unevenly and therefore there is need to turn the rugs regularly. At Cypress Carpet Cleaning we have certified specialized technicians that do area rug cleaning. The specialized technicians give due attention to your rugs cleaning based on their types.

Our Special Offers

Oriental Rug Cleaners - Deep Rugs Cleaning Cypress Texas

To most homeowners, their oriental rugs have a deep seated cultural and religious value and symbolism. While doing Oriental rug cleaning, it’s only fair to do it carefully not to mess their value. We understand this in our business and that is why we use a team of professionals that understand the craft of weaving oriental rugs. This way, they pay special attention to the dyes, fiber and rug fringes in the carpet leaving them in tip-top shape.

Our rug cleaners attend continuous seminars on Oriental rug cleaning at least twice in a year. The resource persons in these seminars are drawn from the top Oriental rug weaving countries in the Persian Gulf. The idea is to make them appreciate the cultural value attached to these rugs. Additionally, to learn the best cleaning methods that preserves the fiber, dyes and artistic patterns of these rugs. Who better than us to clean your rugs?

Dry Cleaning Rugs - High Quality Wool Rug Cleaning Services Cypress TX

Using water or steam to clean your rugs may leave moisture in the fabric. The moisture provides an enabling environment for mold and microbes to grow. The mold and microbes weakens the strength of the fiber and therefore reduces the life of the rug. We therefore advise our clients to do rug dry cleaning. Here we use dry cleaning liquids, powder and foam that have been tried and tested and found to be safe for the rugs. This preserves the rugs fiber, dye, texture and color shades.

Do you need help cleaning wool rugs? We understand the best ways of handling this product and have varied experience in caring and cleaning it. One of the things that you will find with our technicians is the breadth of knowledge that they have. We take time to train them well, but we also hire people that are already experienced and who like the work and is willing to commit fulltime to it rather than seeing the work as part-time.