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As a homeowner you put in an effort to tastefully furnish your home. Your living room, lounge, patio, study, and even bedrooms spot wonderful upholstered furniture. Well, you will not be thinking how wonderful it looks once dirt takes over. Since most of this furniture is bulky, heavy and padded upholstery dry cleaning is most appropriate. This will remove dirt caused by oily hair, food sauce or dirty feet put up on sofas and restore its beauty.

Our Special Offers

Steam Furniture Cleaners - Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cypress Texas

Our company, Cypress Carpet Cleaning, offers a great upholstery cleaning solution. We use environmentally and human friendly powder and foam formulas. These formulas leave no traces of irritating smell on your furniture. They are harsh on dirt but gentle on your fabrics. Additionally, they restore the color and texture of your furniture’s fabric. Looking at it, you might think the furniture is new; thanks to our excellent services.

Our expertise in cleaning is not only limited to upholstered furniture. We also provide other furniture cleaning services. If your wooden furniture has formed stained rings on the surface we can help clean it. These kinds of stained rings may be caused by placing hot liquids like milk, coffee or tea directly on the furniture’s surface. They may also be caused by other things like chemical or liquor spills. The good news is that we can effortlessly get rid of them.

Microfiber Sofa Cleaning - High Quality Upholstery Cleaning Services Cypress TX

Most people think cleaning a microfiber sofa is hard and they are right. Without the necessary expertise it is not easy but not so with us. Our microfiber sofa cleaning solution carefully analyzes the type of material that your sofa is made of. We pick and use the solvent that suits your furniture as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Furniture upholstery comes in different types and shades of color. It is important to retain the original color shades and fabric texture. This can be achieved by doing upholstery steam cleaning. This also extends the life of the fabric by removing microbes that weaken the fabric. All our cleaning services are offered by a team of certified technicians accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).